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When people come to Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery, they can’t help but get inspired!  Maybe you’ve yearned to learn about woodworking but weren’t sure how or where to get started?   Have you perused the Links page on our website time and again to discover books and training resources?  Maybe the time has come to take the next step…

Pratt Fine Arts Center proudly serves as a resource to artists in the community, providing access to advanced processes, tools, and quality instruction.  Pratt introduced it’s new Woodworking Program this winter. Their beautiful new Wood Studio includes nine workbenches, amazing lighting, and a layout and lineup of equipment chosen for industrial quality and advanced safety features.

As the program grows, Pratt will offer basic through advanced woodworking classes including joinery, wood carving, wood steam-bending and lamination, wood turning, 3D design, wood sculpture, furniture making and veneering.  Designed for students at all levels, Pratt’s curriculum will grow with the student base and their interests.

Several of our member artists will be sharing their knowledge at teaching events this spring.

John Thoe at Woodcraft of Seattle, March 18th 9:30-4:30 Creative Carving
Seth Rolland at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking:
April 23rd – May 4th: “Out of Square” – Introducing Curved Work
June 2nd – June 3rd: Steam Bending and Bent Laminations
Hank Holzer at Pratt. March 8th – March 29th – Joinery 1 – A Skill Building Class

About Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery

Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery is a cooperative gallery located in just north of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Since 1980, we have represented the leading American furniture designers and artisans who hand craft contemporary fine wood furniture, custom furniture and studio furniture.
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