Greetings from Belltown!

The Belltown gallery is open and a wonderful success!  We are so grateful for the influx of old friends and new who are visiting to express their enthusiasm at having our beautiful woodwork in this new location.  Not only is parking much easier, but the convenience of being in an area that people travel through regularly seems to be the most common feedback.

Whether you have been in yet or not, Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery promises many reasons draw your interest in the coming months!  With ‘The Clay Edge’ opening on March 22nd, our 4th annual ‘Rising Star Furniture Makers Showcase’ debuting at the end of April, and new designs from members coming in each week – we hope the temptation is irresistible!

Currently, I am enamored with Weston Jandaka’s paintings utilizing dimensional woodwork.  Lyrical and dreamy, yet photo-realistic in execution these works captivate the mind on a journey to a forgotten dream.

As we update our website gradually over the coming months with more images of beautiful furniture, please consider sharing your feedback on items that catch your eye or types of work your would like to see more of.  The greatest aspect of being a cooperative gallery is the diversity of work from such talented craftspeople available to the community.


Sharon Ricci, Gallery Director


A juried exhibition of ceramic works by the artists of Northwest Designer Craftsmen, ‘The Clay Edge’ marks a natural collaboration between two Northwest organizations dedicated to the promotion of excellence of design and craftsmanship.

Part of the 46th annual National Council of Education for Ceramic Arts held in Seattle this month, Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery will showcase 25 alluring works in clay from Seattle’s top ceramic talent March 22nd to April 22nd.

***Join us for the artists’ reception Thursday March 29th from 5-8pm.***


Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery has been connecting artists to the public for over 30 years. The annual ‘Rising Star Furniture Makers Showcase’launches distinctive local furniture builders into the limelight, while providing a community of established builders from whom they can gain insight.

The jury panel, veteran members of Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery – Spencer Horn, Aaron Levine, Grady Matthews and Stewart Wurtz – select designs which exude precision craftsmanship, innovative design and exemplary creativity.    The show runs April 25th to June 25th with the opening night artists’ reception held from 5-8pm Thursday May 3rd, here at the new gallery.


Weston Jandaka is a multidisciplinary visual artist who combines a deep interest in literature and history into his photorealistic paintings.  The 3-dimensional artworks lure the viewer to examine perspective – both emotionally and physically.  Weston currently lives and works in Seattle while exhibiting internationally.

*Weston’s art will be on display at Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery until April 22nd.*


About Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery

Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery is a cooperative gallery located in just north of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Since 1980, we have represented the leading American furniture designers and artisans who hand craft contemporary fine wood furniture, custom furniture and studio furniture.
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